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Apparel / Graphic Design

STRM Shirt is a monthly t-shirt subscription service based here in Nashville, Tennessee. They work directly with a new up-and-coming streamer each month to develop a custom designed shirt that showcases them and their online community. As STRM Shirt's exclusive graphic artist, I've worked with them on nearly 10 different designs so far. Each one has been extremely unique and representative of each streamer's personality — from a simple line drawing of a coffee mug, to a detail-packed knight wielding a 16-bit sword and shield. If you love online gaming, be sure to keep an eye out for more of my streamer-based shirt designs, exclusively from STRM Shirt.


"Tyler has been awesome to work with and his design work has been incredible. We're very lucky to be working with Tyler to design the shirts for STRM Shirt!"

Patrick Glasson

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