About Us

10tongorilla is a trusted Nashville graphic design studio with nearly a decade of experience. We provide powerful graphic design and marketing for the small businesses that mean the most to our local communities. We believe that small business owners should have the same access to high quality design and marketing as the big corporations.

"Since my beginnings in the marketing industry in 2012, and then creating 10tongorilla in 2015, I've been fortunate enough to work on over 500 design projects for over 40 businesses in Nashville and around the country. The small business owners I've met along the way continue to inspire me through their unrelenting passion and drive to be successful. Every design I create is as unique as the small business it represents. And there's nothing more exciting to a creative person than a blank canvas."

Tyler LaMar

Owner, Graphic Designer

How We Do Business

It's always good to know how your Nashville graphic designer operates. These are the cornerstones that set us apart.

Shop Small

We love and support small business owners. It's our core mission.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer free unlimited revisions on any graphic design project.

Local Printing

We use a local printer to ensure quality and support our community.

We Help Small Business Owners From Every Industry
We Love Our Customers

We work hard for the small businesses that mean so much to their communities. Here are a few kind words from some of these incredible folks.

Andrea deStefano

Andrea deStefano Real Estate

"10tongorilla has been an exceptional experience... highly recommend them to anyone."

Joel Williams

Music City Dreams Media

"Excellent work... very close attention to details... definitely recommend."

Mal Maher

NC Carpet Binding & Equipment

"Their response times are very good... layouts are beautiful."

Mike Gallagher


"They make me look good! I highly recommend them..."

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Reinvent your Nashville business with better graphic design, a bold logo, or a powerful new website. Get competitive pricing and unbeatable turnaround times backed by nearly a decade of experience!