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Spotlight on New Dubbs Lighting Logo by Nashville Designer, 10tongorilla

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Dubbs Lighting is a music first lighting company comprised of touring musicians-turned-lighting directors in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.


D.L. founder, Troy Wiggins, spent over a decade touring the country with his popular reggae band, Roots Of A Rebellion. When he came to us needing a logo design for his new lighting company, he wanted something bold, clean and memorable. Get to know more about Troy and Dubbs Lighting below.

Interview with Troy Wiggins

10ton:  What is your favorite thing about the new Dubbs Lighting logo?

TW:  My favorite thing about my logo was that it was presented in a clean, digital package that included a wide range of options that I would need over time. I appreciated having varied color options along with horizontal/vertical options to be used according to the placement of the logo.

10ton:  What do you love most about what you do and running your own business?

TW:  With Dubbs Lighting, I took my passion for music and was able to start a business doing what I love. I spent many years touring from the musician side and I'm happy to have been able to carve out a business within the greater entertainment production industry.

Troy's Review: 5 Stars


"I was referred to 10tongorilla for a logo I was hoping to get done and 10ton went above and beyond for my business. I sent a rough idea of a logo and they came back with exactly what I was looking for. Professional, affordable and timely turnaround. Will definitely use again."

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