31 Halloween Hashtags to Promote Your Business

October 31, 2017



To put it frankly, successfully exploiting the holidays for sales is one of the biggest tools a small business owner can have in the ole tool belt. If done appropriately and tastefully, just about any holiday can become a great platform for a new promotion, an engaging social media contest, or even just another excuse to post a pic of your puppy in a costume (guilty). Whatever the endeavor, its success on social media is sure to depend at least heavily, if not entirely, on using the proper hashtags.


So, without further hesitation, check out our compilation of 31 Halloween Hashtags to Promote Your Business. It's almost SCARY how helpful they'll be!



1 ::: Halloween



This one's a bit obvious, huh? But if you're promoting your small business this Halloween, it's a must-have.



2 ::: Halloween2017



Wow... 2017. I'm old.



3 ::: HalloweenCostume



Anyone dressing up as a 10 ton gorilla? No? Awkward..



4 ::: HalloweenMakeup



Not just for the ladies!



5 ::: Halloween2016 (2015, 2014, etc.)



This one may seem a little odd, but you can often catch some folks clicking through throwback pics.



6 ::: HalloweenDecor



... for the lazy folks who don't want to type "decorations" in the search bar.



7 ::: HalloweenTime



Pretty good for a catch-all.



8 ::: HalloweenQueen/King



Great hashtag if your promotion or contest is gender-specific.



9 ::: HalloweenInspo



Take your Halloween to the next level!



10 ::: HalloweenHaunt



May want to peek in between your fingers on this one.



11 ::: HalloweenLover



All those "crazy into halloween" folks live here.



12 ::: HalloweenFun



Keep it fun, lighthearted and cute.



13 ::: HalloweenCandy



Baby Ruth for breakfast. Laffy Taffy for lunch. Dubble Bubble for dinner. Reese's for second dinner.



14 ::: HalloweenReady



Get ready y'all! It's here again!



15 ::: HalloweenBaby



Own a business in the motherhood or childcare realm? Run the cutest costume contest ever!



16 ::: Halloween<jackolantern emoji>



All the fun of Halloween, now with an adorable little smiling pumpkin.



17 ::: PumpkinCarving



This one is screaming for a promotional contest!



18 ::: Jackolantern



See how artistic your audience really is.



19 ::: HalloweenFood



Is your small business in the food industry? Reinvent some of your most popular recipes with some Halloween flair and scare up some more business!



20 ::: HalloweenCrafts



Etsy or Pinterest-friendly business? Inquire within.



21 ::: HalloweenWeekend



Party all weekend with this popular hashtag. 



22 ::: HalloweenTreats



Is one hashtag not enough to cure your sweet tooth? Try this!



23 ::: HalloweenEveryday



But when would we celebrate Christmas?!



24 ::: HalloweenTattoo



Pair this one with some locally-based tagging and bring in some of those spooky ink fanatics to your shop.



25 ::: HalloweenMovies



I'm too scared to watch...hold me.



26 ::: <city/town name>Halloween



Usually a pretty low key tag, but perfect if you're a small local business looking to connect with your community.



27 ::: Costume(s)



Almost forgot! Better late than never.



28 ::: CostumeParty



Showcase your office costume party. Let potential customers see how much fun it'll be to work with you!



29 ::: HauntedHouse



Are you a realtor or home builder? Turn your OPEN house into a HAUNTED house and post throughout the night. It's fun for the kids, brings in potential home buyers (i.e. the parents), and shows viewers that you're an important part of the community.



30 ::: TrickOrTreat



Another great catch-all tag.



31 ::: HallowsEve



Take things back a few thousand years with this alternate Halloween hashtag!



Happy Halloween from 10ton Gorilla Media!


Be safe, have fun, and don't overdo it on those Kit-Kats. :)


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