When you have a marketing agency that thinks the same as any other marketing agency, it fails to offer any type of relevance or competitive advantage to its clients.

This is why we define 10tongorilla® as an agency that, at all costs, fights against the trappings of "groupthink" and seeks to find its own path to success for its clients.

When you partner with 10tongorilla®, you are teamed up with a laser-focused marketing expert who will study the in's and out's of your business, industry, market and competitors.

You will always know where you stand with us, as one of our top priorities is total transparency. From the initial estimate, to consistent project updates along the way, to the final results -- you will know exactly what you are paying, what you are getting, and what we are doing to achieve your goals.


We're bringing big-time marketing to the small-time guys. Upgrade your business today with 10tongorilla®.



We love and support small business owners. It's our core mission.

100% Guarantee

We'll work with you on every detail to make sure you love the final product.

Printed Locally

We've partnered with a local printer to ensure quality and minimize costs.

"We want to strengthen communities by empowering their small business owners through effective, yet affordable marketing services."